Date Type Note
2022.09.11UpgradeReduced CSS shadows and increased border contrast.
2022.09.11UpdateUpdated EUAibolit listings.
2022.08.27UpdateUpdated InHousePharmacy prices.
2022.08.27UpdateUpdated BG Pharmacy domain.
2022.07.23UpdateUpdated DragonOrdnance listings.
2022.07.23UpdateAdded OELabs to suppliers.
2022.07.23UpdateAdded DashPCT to suppliers.
2022.07.23UpgradeChanged contact message max size to 60000 characters to play nicer with PGP encrypted messages.
2022.07.15UpdateUpdated InHousePharmacy and EUAibolit prices.
2022.07.11UpdateUpdated BG-Pharmacy prices.
2022.07.11UpdateUpdated OTC-Online-Store payment methods to crypto only.
2022.07.11UpgradeIncreased mobile responsive design.
2022.06.27UpdateBK-Retail is no longer online.
2022.06.11UpdateUpdated domain to
2022.05.26UpdateTemporarily hidden Aphrodite's and Lena's from view.
2022.05.09UpgradeThe new backend to make maintaining the lists much easier is mostly complete and in a closed beta on our backup domain at Some additional features will be added eventually.
2022.05.05UpdateUpdated all listings and prices. All of it.
2022.05.05UpgradeAdded a Pioglitazone category.
2022.04.24UpdateDragonOrdnance added to verified. Removed recent icon on BG-Pharmacy, BK-Retail, and Zeemore.
2022.04.15UpdateOwner transfer in progress. It will not make any noticeable difference for visitors. [Link]
2022.04.09UpdateUpdated InHousePharmacy listings and prices.
2022.04.09UpdatePruned all logs from before December 2021.
2022.03.29UpdateUpdated EU-Aibolit listings and prices.
2022.02.19UpdateUpdated PharmaOnline payment methods.
2022.02.17UpdateAfter sufficient testing Bangkok-Retail and ZeemoreUncle has been added.
2022.02.01UpdateFixed https links for UP-UK.
2022.02.01UpgradeFixed tooltips on pagination. Added button to reset search field. Added link to copy link for current search to clipboard for easier sharing.
2022.01.24UpdateBuyDeus Ralox added.
2022.01.23UpdateMore products added for StayHealthyNow.
2022.01.17UpdateUpdated Amazing4Health Payment methods.
2022.01.16UpgradeReplaced remaining payment method text with brand logos, modified SVGs converted to fonts for dark mode compatability. Minor dark theme fixes.
2022.01.16UpdateUpdated BG Pharmacy listings and payment methods.
2022.01.16UpdateUpdated OTC-Online-Store payment methods.
2021.12.31UpdateAdded Farmacy Houses.
2021.12.23UpdateListings updated for AllDayChemist, ReliableRxPharmacy, StayHealthyNow, GoodStuffStore, FavskinHouse, Amazing4Health and Otokonoko.
2021.12.22UpdateListings updated for InHousePharmacy, EUAibolit, Aphrodite's, UnitedPharmacies-US, UnitedPharmacies-UK, UnitedPharmacies-NL, Pilloid, OTC-Online-Store, PharmaOnline, WebOrderPharmacy, WebOrderPharmacy-UK, Medicina Mexico, Bio-Japan, and BGPharmacy.
2021.12.01PruneAll logs before this have been deleted.